I have just moved into a caravan, after having a few issues getting it sorted including the 16A hookup and internal electrics failing and having to rewire some of it to get power from the mains working I have finally started living in it. Gas is sorted too so I just need to sort proper water and internet (using 4G tether through my phone for now, thanking GiffGaff for that!

I was trying to setup a 200m cat5e Ethernet run using PoE (Power over Ethernet) to boost the signal using a repeater at the 100m mark but after testing the equipment & theory where I was living before in a house, when I have now ran the cable properly at the plot I am living on it has now refused to work so might be back to the drawing board if troubleshooting cannot make it work.

Hopefully I’ll update on this again soon, will start to go mad without Internet if its too long but it is almost Christmas so might wait on sorting it for a little bit.

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