2019 is here

I am trying to start 2019 off being mega productive, learning as many new technologies or new development practices/platforms as possible!

I am currently making quick way through a Udemy course called Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp, in hope of quickly updating my web development skills that are a tiny bit behind, learning libraries & methods such as Flexbox, React, D3, Warbler and more.

After this I am planning on branching out and learning some basic Android development, brushing up on my Ruby on Rails skills and also doing more courses related to my financial algorithms project utilising Python, Machine Learning & Neural Networks.

On top of all this I am also hoping to write some articles both for the site but also to publish on – the current popular “clap” based publishing platform. Writing on technical topics is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and have toyed with on this site, so I need to dive in.

An exciting year is ahead! I am also hoping to add some portfolio pieces to the site for my freelance work as time goes on.