Getting free DNS & email for your domain

SO. I wanted to start this site/project myself but I didn’t have any real funds to donate to its cause at all. Luckily it was recently the horrifyingly pointless ‘black Friday/cyber Monday’ thing that people care way too much about – the side effect of this is super ridiculously cheap domain names and other online bits ‘n bobs. So from my usual domain buying site that I always recommend which is Namecheap I got this domain for under £2 which was a steal for a year.

I already had some free web hosting to make use of so there was only two things not included with what I already had/bought which is a DNS provider for the domain and of course email for the domain too.

These two things can always be found for free if you know where to look so I will show you a couple of services that provide it for me on the regular.


Copyright 2017 DNSExit

DNS can be found for free on an old looking not well known site called DNS Exit. I have used DNS Exit to provide free DNS for domains for at least 6 years and never once had any issues or failures from their service. It even supports Dynamic IP addressing using software they provide. They also do sell all the usual hosting provider stuff like premium DNS services, web hosting, email hosting/email relays etc.


Zoho logo
Zoho logo (Copyright 2017 Zoho)

Free email is a bit harder to find if you wish to use your own domain without any forwarding situation but there is some good providers if you search around and I always end up going for Zoho Mail. Think of Zoho like Google in the sense of email providers, they don’t just provide an email service they go all out.

Features of Zoho Mail/Zoho ‘Workplace’ are:

  • Full featured email service with Webmail/Mobile apps/Mail servers for your own clients with all modern features you’d expect when you are paying & some more.
  • Migration services for getting your data across from most other providers you could think up.
  • Integration with CRM setups/apps.
  • Docs. (Just like Google Docs but free for business/own domain)
  • Calendar.
  • Tasks.
  • Notes.
  • Contacts.
  • Integration with all other Zoho services. (See below)

Basically Zoho are an awesome company that provide all these services and others too like their project management (Basecamp/Asana-eqsue) service, Invoicing and CRM services and a bunch of other things so check them out and ditch overpriced greedy services that offer a lot less. Even if you end up requiring some of the paid features on a Zoho service (of which I find it hard to come across any) then your still on a big gain overall. Zoho have also just launched ‘One’ which is supposed to be a service combining all of their offerings to run your ‘entire business’ from one suite, which looks promising.

Services like these are how I was even able to make this site possible so thought I’d give them some props and help others who are on really tight budgets launch their own stuff.